What is impact assessment? 

A multi-criteria and tailored approach

With qualitative and quantitative indicators, for social, economic and environmental impact.


A collaborative process, including all beneficiaries and stakeholders of the organization.

A new look at your company’s activity.

For who?

Urban services sectors


We work with entrepreneurs, private and public actors working in housing, transports, waste, energy, urban farming, urban renewal programmes, etc.

Multiple objectives


To determine, evaluate, and understand, the actual impact of the project or programme,

To improve the project’s management,to better lead the project’s development,

To get better connected to the beneficiaries, direct and non direct ones, with qualitative feedbacks,

To build proofs and better selling points for proving your organisation’s impact, highlight its efficiency, get new funds or build new partnerships, etc.


They talk about it

Graapz, Social entrepreneur in Paris

Graapz aims at reducing food waste by supplying fruits and vegetables baskets at a cheaper cost! The baskets are made out of the unsold products of local shops. This initiative promotes healthier diets and reduces waste while helping people to save up. The team has conducted an environmental impact assessment to evaluate their influence in the capital city. For a 3kg-basket of fruits & vegetables: 4kg of carbon emissions avoided + 2100L water saved + 11m2 of agricultural land preserved. Graapz saved 4009 kg of fruits and vegetables since their launch. These results make the team proud!" 


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